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Photography Journal: Cafe and Puncak

We went to Puncak the other day with my family and my friend. It was a spontaneous trip. We always do it at least three times a year. It has been a tradition in my family. At least my dad said so. 5 A.M, my dad hit the gas and then he put on a country song (another tradition in my family, whenever we're going on a trip, my dad always put on country songs-- for whatever reason).  We went to have a breakfast and then we went up to Tea Field to take some pictures. It was nice. The air was very refreshing compared to the air of the busy streets in Jakarta.

That's a picture of Juno, my friend. 

Another day in BEAU Cafe in Jakarta. Me and my friend went here to take some shots for my video for this company called I have to admit, the place and the coffee here is worth every penny. The tricky thing about this cafe is it is located in Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan. Where most Instagrammers usually find their 'aesthetic' places to take some shots also. So, y…

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